Strong relationships with our clients allow us to incorporate an ever-improved understanding of the client organization directly into the services that we deliver. We integrate clients in our processes and allow them to keep as much control as possible. This is because we do not consider our services as a commodity. Instead, we ensure client satisfaction at every stage of the localization process.

We provide a wide range of comprehensive services:

Document Translation

Trans4world presents exceptional, noteworthy translation that helps our clients communicate in other cultures and languages (i.e. Arabic, English, French, Italian, German and Farsi). We have experienced teams in all fields:

  • Technical
  • Telecommunications
  • Commercial
  • Legal
  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Cultural
  • Arts
  • History
  • Geography
  • Others

Localization (Software and website)

Trans4World is committed to offer a challenging software and website translation appreciated by our clients bearing in mind the meaning , layout and the HTML code.

Technical Writing

In Trans4World, we depend on highly professional technical writers who are accustomed to deal with the intricacies of technical writing without the tell-tale signs.

Our technical writers are capable of designing, creating and maintaining technical documentation of your product to be presented to technical audiences.

Desktop Publishing

We have a professionally trained team of DTP specialists who can successfully handle any kind of printed documents either on Macintosh or PC platforms, using the following DTP and graphic design packages:

  • InDesign
  • Quark Xpress
  • Illustrator
  • PageMaker
  • FrameMaker
  • Acrobat
  • Free Hand
  • Photoshop
  • Corel Draw
  • Others

Editing and Reviewing

In Trans4World, there are a group of professional editors who are concerned with proofreading, editing and refining your document as though it were written in the target language originally.

Naming and Branding Consultancy and Linguistic Checks

We provide authentic surveys to highlight both positive and negative evocations of the brand name for your product before you introduce it to market. These surveys are made from the perspective of different Arabic cultures. We can also help you find a name for your product to suit the market changes and cultures.